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At Snehasoft, in continution to our strategical approach to fulfill and provide at par excellency over services and business continuty solutions. We employ a customizable toolkit of templates that create a roadmap and action steps to deploy strategy. These templates are flexible, rule driven and are highly effective. We have matured project managemet and best practices of spiral and scrum methodologies adapted for meet the customer expectations with our high valued solutions.

We made a strategical move towards Services and now formed enterprise solutions group for entering Product based approach in its futurecasts. To name a few products are into

Restaurant domain

B2B tools like Shopping cart

Web based Inventory systems

Real estate back office tools

Snehasoft offers a full range of flexible delivery options in a plug-and-play environment that includes world-class facilities, quality processes, and full-service local account management. With successful deployments of personnel and projects around the world, Snehasoft clients benefit from a mix of operational maturity, and readily scalable teams.

Snehasoft is in urge and progressing to build technology Teams of Excellence to promote advanced programming capabilities, develop reusable components, and capture elegant design practices.

Microsoft .NET

Flash / 3D Animations clippings


Mobile applications


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