Monthly Archives: February 2015

Building a Software Company is Hard, But … I Am Loving IT

I’d like to set out by letting you know that creating a successful software business is extremely hard.

I personally suffer from a rare disability that means I am not able to operate computers with traditional keyboard and mouse, as you can imagine in an age in which “software is eating the world” it is very frustrating to be physically limited in capabilities. A number of years ago I was advised by a leading doctor not to work with computers and to seek an alternative career.

I am not one to accept these limitations and thus I have devoted the last 10 years plus of my life researching Ergonomics, User Centered Design and in particular Voice Recognition Technology. The result of my research is that I have created a software program that enables me to control most of the features on my computer using voice control. The product I have created is extremely complex and even after this long period of intense R&D (6 years of 7 day weeks, longs hours and with few holidays) I have limited customer traction, no investors and I have now exhausted almost all of the goodwill of my closest family.